Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Spa Days" for the jugular

With harvest behind me, instructions from Northwestern were to rest and take it easy. The neck was pretty sore Tuesday so I did just that. Took it easy, caught up on emails and took some naps. I was feeling pretty good.

feeling good Tues

There was movie time with my caretaker Dana, who will now be known as the "silk pajama ninja". I will spare the details for the children's book I just may write based on my experience with said ninja. 

amazon fire stick movies

If there is one thing my girlfriends are good at when I am not well, it's making me laugh. Amy, Dana and Ola are masters at it. Dana leaves tonight <pout> and Ola is on her way in today <hooray>! I wish I could have all three of them the whole time I'm here...but they all have husbands and children that they left behind to help me out. I have no idea how I will ever pay them back. I'm so lucky.

The weather has been amazing and my daily visual perspective is almost shameful. Clearly I'm suffering from the 29th floor with these terrible views. I fall in love with this city more each day, there may be Illinois property in my future, we shall see.

night view
my sunset view

Today (Wednesday) has not been as restful. I woke up with some nausea and dizziness, so the silk pajama ninja (aka Dana) said it is another rest day for me. We have emailed the NP because there is significant swelling at the catheter site. We will see what they have to say.

In bed I shall stay until I am feeling better. There is probably a wound cleaning on the agenda (just thinking about it makes me ill) so there's that. Here is me today. Still smiling, but I'm sure you can see a little of the spark is missing, just feeling a little off today.

not myself but hanging in

Hoping more rest will bring my spark back.
Until there is more to report, make it a great day, wherever you are! 


  1. I love your humor and attitude. Stay positive and strong. :-) I hope your swellings gets better soon.

  2. Your spark is never too far away Hun. It's just playing some hide & seek. As long as you're still smiling, that's a bonus. Gentle hugs and much love xxx

  3. I adore you. PERIOD. You have the strength of a million lumberjacks. I am so thankful and honored to be welcomed into your bubble of a fight and anxious to be a part of your recovery. Thanks for allowing me to help you through even a small portion of your journey. One thing I am so moved by is the automatic connection I had with the caretaker before me and the caretaker after. You know the BEST humans! I was sad and scared to leave, but felt so happy Ola was there to keep the smiles coming. I love you with the deepest parts of my soul. Let's get back to running and making life work the way you want it. Love you.