Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day -5: Cytoxan and rATG (rabbit antibodies)

Wednesday is day one of four days of the same fluid schedule. And is it a doozy, try to stay with me here.

Protonix (antacid)
Maxalt (migraine)
Ativan (anxiety/nausea)
Zofran (nausea)
Aprepatent (nausea)
Mesna (bladder protection) -forgive the incorrect spelling of Mensa on previous post
rATG (immune suppresant) literally rabbit I'm part bunny! Fitting for someone born         on Easter Sunday
IV fluids (hydration)
Cytoxan (chemo)
Solumedrol (IV steroid)
Lasix (kidney flush) 6 bathroom trips per dose (3 doses a day)
Decadron (steroid/nausea)

No wonder my cheeks ar puffy as ever!!!!
As of 5pm all is well no issues.
Nick and I walked a half mile this afternoon
I did another half mile with my occupational therapist this morning
Tonight I want to get 5 mi in on the bike I the family room
Depends on how long you can take in the plastic gown and gloves we are required to wear. Sweaty!!

Shout outs:
-Ola for a selfie of baby Mak.....I love him so
-Erin for the video of her daughter singing
-Cards from rebecca and margie
-Kasia who sent me a care package with werthers and new head wraps!!!
Baby Mak

Relaxed during chemo

New head wrap

Hoping day -4 (today) runs as smooth. Xoxo

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  1. You're rocking those head wraps gorgeous girl. Much love.