Thursday, July 16, 2015

Neupogen and Naps (Days 7-8)

The days run along and are very similar: lots of nausea and fatigue. A sprinkle of a dizzy spell or two. The weeks to-do list is getting accomplished with my darling Amy here to help. She and I go way back (est. 1986), who better to put me in my place and demand I take naps and meds as needed.
June: last girls trip to Lake Tahoe

Neupogen shots started Wednesday and continue through Monday. Two shots per day in my tummy, buttock or thigh. So far we have done the tummy, and its typically post-shot we ice pack it for a while.  At this point just hoping that any discomfort to come is minimal....been stacking up on Claritin and Tylenol to assist. I should know by tomorrow or Saturday

Spearmint calms my tummy

There was an additional trip to chop the locks. Not nearly as dramatic as I thought thanks to Bree at Hair Loft. And um, no one told me how epic short-hair bedhead would be...LOL! For those of you coming to Chicago for HSCT - I highly suggest Hair Loft, they are so kind about our situation. (shout to to Erin Castillo for the recommendation when she was here)
Sweet Bree

last time my hair was this short: 1977
kinda dig the bedhead

Routine remains the same: pills, check temperature, meals, read, to-do list, nap, sanitize, watch funny videos. Today we have two big events: lab work and IVIG.

If labs show my blood counts are low, I need to start avoiding crowds and be careful with diet. Hoping the IVIG helps with current right foot numbness, balance issues and foot-drop and carries me through admission on July 28th.

Thanks for the messages, comments and texts. they certainly put a smile of my face. Its hard for me to take a call vocally when nausea kicks in....... so thanks for understanding.

Lots of conversations and apologies to my body this week. We discuss getting through this together and how we will be stronger for conquering this. I remind her all the time of the old days of bike rides, hikes and jogs with the pup. She seems to be excited to get back to that as well, so we have a pact to stick this out together....

Until next time........


  1. Xoxoxox. I love the bed head. You are so beautiful, even bed head looks stunning on you. I love you my precious friend.

  2. Xoxoxox. I love the bed head. You are so beautiful, even bed head looks stunning on you. I love you my precious friend.

  3. Loving the shorter hair! But I agree, you are too cute even with bedhead! You might want to consider that style, i.e., the "Karen Lovtang" look. Stay positive my friend, there is a reason for everything we go through! Although we may not be able to figure out what the reason is, there is one floating out there. Love you!!

  4. Looking good gorgeous girl. Short hair, like you, is AWESOME!!!!!!! Huge hugs, much love xxx

  5. I love you!!!! Your hair looks lovely and you look adorable as always!!!

  6. Hanging Tough. You got this. One day at a time. And, you tell that Bree person she is cute as hell. Talk to you soon PookieButt!