Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Spark --- still on a milk carton

My dear friend Ola arrived Wednesday.  Lucky her, she was greeted with me generally feeling nauseous and dizzy. Lots of resting happening.

Ola and I met through a mutual friend many may years ago, and something just clicked. She was with me on an awards trip to FL in March 2014 when I realized that my disease had progressed and something was terribly wrong.
longest layover to FL @ DFW

Thursday i just felt like garbage, so I lounged a lot. She wanted to capture my "comfort" artistically. Black and white photos make you look ten times more amazing than you feel. I'll take it!

she got me to laugh

The goal for Thursday is to flush my body of all these meds and chemicals with lots of water. My guess is, that is what is making me ill. So rest and water is on my exciting agenda. Perhaps I will sprinkle in a movie and some catch-up on Facebook and Gmail.

Next week I have 6 straight days of receiving a plethora of chemicals, (Rituxan, Cytoxam, rATG, Mesna, Lasix, so on and so forth), so I would like to give my beloved body a break.

The head is starting to itch like crazy. Friday marks 14 days since my first chemo dose, which on average, is when many notice hair start leaving the scalp. My scalp is also a bit sore. So we very well may be shaving this noggin tomorrow. Fun with photos for sure!

Be prepared, while we are at it there will be some mohawk phases, blue/green CIDP coloring....I mean it could be hair mayhem people! You have been warned.....


  1. You'll still be my favorite "Hair-etic" 8-)

  2. Who doesn't love punk rock?!? It's about to jump off 'round here!