Monday, July 13, 2015

Resting and Nesting (days 4-6)

Other than a general feeling of being "under the weather" all is well. Mostly tired and wanting to sleep.

Chad left today. <insert sad eyes here>. He is good at making me calm when I need it most. He really loved Chicago and had a good time exploring. I'm looking forward to us celebrating good health here in the future.......

The weather was amazing yesterday - we woke to an impressive thunder and lightening storm this morning.....just to watch it change back to the beautiful blue skies again.

Amy comes tomorrow (YAY!).Together we will accomplish the next mission: Neupogen shots.

Neupogen stimulates stem cell production and sends them out of your bone marrow and into the blood stream. There is a chance of some serious bone pain during this process.....but that is technically a good sign.

I have an IVIG infusion later this week.....possibly my last. I have been getting IVIG every two-three weeks since July 2014. It has kept me walking, typing, driving..... A moment to thank anyone who donates blood. That blood and blood plasma helps so many people with a variety of conditions. Many of us with CIDP need that donation for normal daily function. #bottomofmyheartthanks

My plan for the next few days are "Resting & Nesting". I'm checking my temperature 2x per day, and start a few new meds this week (antibiotic and anti-fungal). There will be updates if there is anything to report.

Thank you for the calls, emails and texts. I have not felt up to chatting by phone, but will keep up on texts and emails as I can. Xoxo

The hoodie is my comfort,..... like a "blankie".


  1. In it to win it sister! Stay strong, fight the good fight and get healthy! Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago, jamming some fresh tunes, shaving heads, wearing funky town wigs and wheelchair races...soon enough we'll be back to racing the Lafayette Res--kickin' it old school. Much love. o

  2. Love you!! Stay strong and remember we are all rooting for you!

  3. I miss you already, but I know you are kicking some serious CIDP butt out there!

  4. Hoodie Shot! Love it. Stay Strong Sis, love you!