Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day -4: chemo hump day

It's Thursday and I'm halfway through the chemo plan, or what im calling chemo hump day. If you haven't seen a "camel hump day commercial" I highly suggest you look it up on YouTube. I don't know why but it's the funniest thing ever to me. It means halfway through.

My blood count chart has started. This is where we track the dwindling of my immune system to eradicate CIDP and rebuild. At some point, numbers will be TLTC or too low to count. At that point, I get more Neupogen injections to reboot the cell production and get the number up. 

If hemoglobin and playlets drop too far, I will receive blood infusions. Most people in the program do this a couple of times.

So far good: high energy (steroids!), the migraines have subsided. My appetite is taking a turn. I can stomach my protein shakes, apple sauce, rice chex and Swedish fish. We will see if I can handle BBQ pulled pork tonight.

Im averaging about 4 hr of sleep per night. So i try to get 2 hr worth of nap time in during the day before steroids. Ther is a 3am blood draw, 5am ekg and 7am premeds, 9:30 am premeds and chemo at 10am.

The view is beautiful from floor 15. I will be moved to 16 this evening around 6:30pm, and was told its a nice room.

Im experiencing some severe right leg weakness and bad tremoring today. PT and OT came to see me. My balance is so bad that im offically a fall risk. Technically my ivig was due today so if I'm not better by tomorrow they may order a dose of ivig.

Otherwise just trecking along. It goes fast yet slow at the same time. Hard to articulate.

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  1. No matter whether you're travelling in the slow or fast lane gorgeous girl, as long as you're travelling, that's the main thing. Gentle hugs, much love xxxx