Friday, July 10, 2015

Mobilization (day 1)

Enjoying our view from 16th floor and waiting for fluid/pre med drip to start (1pm CT) before chemo begins (3pm CT).

Last night we enjoyed some Italian cuisine (I stuck with gluten free options). I put a braid in.....enjoying my hair while I still have it.

A silly shot of us before heading out for the Chicago adventure.

This is what happens when i ask chad to put my hair up.......LOL

A little insight on today's frame of mind:

First chemo dose started at 3:30 CT and wrapped at 5:30. No major issues. Mild headache, sweats....which was resolved with a thermostat change,  and minor wasabi nose. I go between wired (steroids) and napping (drowsy). But  the diuretic (lasix)  keeps you up, as many potty trips are required to flush out chemo.

I will stay the night and get discharged midday tomorrow. Looking forward to a restful day with my love who has been waiting on me hand and foot.

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