Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mobilization (days 2-3)

I was discharged midday Saturday. Other than a headache, nausea and hiccups it wasn't horrible. My discharge happy face.

We went back to the hotel and I had a long nap. I woke up with hotflashes and a ton of energy. So we took a cab to a restaurant called Farmhouse. Highly recommend.

From there we explored Millenium Park.

Was a good day (Saturday).

And then there was Sunday (today).

Woke up with an unhappy tummy. It quickly turned into what I call CAT or "Colleen Alien Tummy" (those in the support group know the inside joke). Zofran, Pepto became my best friends..

It's a beautiful day here today (Sunday) - this is the view from the hotel bedroom.

I am hoping to feel a bit better so we can get out to enjoy it. But we can only do what the body will allow, so it just may well end up being a "stay in and feel icky" kinda day.

All part of the process, but all things considered, ....I'm doing just fine.

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