Friday, July 17, 2015

Keeping it real

I jest a lot and try to keep this light but yesterday was the first day I broke down.

My (possibly) last IVIG occurred yesterday. It was horrible. The first vein tried blew, and was a 10/10 in phlebitis pain for 10 minutes. I cried. Amy never sees me cry. The second vein did what it was supposed to and blew at the end.....another high scale pain level.

Thus far I have been a trooper and plan to continue. Phlebitis has, and always will, bring me to my knees. I consider it more painful than appendicitis or a broken arm (I have had both). Yes, it's that bad. My veins are very angry and tired of infusions. I can't describe's just terrible, horrific vein pain.

In looking on the bright side: I'm glad it happened. It reminds me why I am here, and that phlebitis would be a lifelong alternative (every two weeks).

Thank you Amy for being here...and for getting me to giggle throughout the day. Xoxo


  1. You are a true warrior my friend! And as always you see the bright side. You are my hero. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks Michelle. This is the "easy" part...and my issues had nothing to do with the procedure, but rather my normal treatment.....which is super sad. Lol. Love and miss you girl!!

  3. Yes, I agree with your friend Michelle, Steph! You ARE a warrior! And a fierce one! You will win this fight, rest assured!

  4. OMG 10/10??? That totally sucks!!! I can't imagine, well, lol, yes I can, been there!! Lol! To the uneducated, 10/10 can be compared to childbirth without meds, yes I've had that and 10/10 too. Yes you cry, you'd stomp your feet if you could. Hang in there sweetie, try really deep breaths next time, it puts oxygen in your blood stream which amazingly helps reduces the pain's sharpness. At least that what helps for me. Focus on the breathing.....soon this will be just a memory and you'll be home with your honey and your puppy! Love you!