Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day +9: Mission Complete

I was stirred from my sleep at 6:30 am being told my white blood cell count is 1.6. I have engrafted! My new immune system is building as we speak.

Last night was rough, but in a good way. My shin bones , skull and jaw were in a steady 6/10 pain scale with meds. When I woke up to the good news absolutely everything hurt. Legs, arms, sholders, spine and skull.  Not much sleep and I am ok with that.....this is a good pain. Engraftment hard at work.

We dont yet have the neutrophil number back yet, but that also needs to be high enough for me to leave. I'm also short of breath so I may get some blood to replenish my hemoglobin.

Whether I am discharged today or tomorrow doesn't much matter to me. What I do know is I wll be home Saturday, and that is all that matters.

My wonderful man sent this to me today. Quite fitting.

I took  this from another persons facebook wall......

Once more I find myself thanking all of you. You are my friends, family, and members of my support groups. I have made new friends through inheriting CIDP that I so adore. So many blessings came out of this curse that its hard to sit around and be a victim.

I stood. I fought. I won.



  1. That's my girl! Great get home for some Hazard kisses.

  2. You indeed did stand, fight and win. My eyes leaked when I read your message. Even though we're thousands of miles apart, I feel as if I've been on this journey with you. I've laughed at your crazy antics and humour, and believe me, I've shed a tear or three when you've been doing it tough.

    People come into our lives for a reason - so very happy our paths crossed, even though it's a horrible rare disease that's been the reason for it.

    You're a fighter Step, one of the most courageous people I've come to call a friend.

    You've reached the finish line and the crowd is deafening.

    Huge hugs, truckloads of love. Xxxxx


    1. everytime i read one of these msg from you I cry. Love you dearly.

  3. YEAH!!! A few more easy peesy steps and you're done!! Coming to those of us who love and adore you. I've taken such inspiration from your journey, my girlfriend, that I know I can survive my own. These rare diseases come into our lives for reason we may not figure out except that we do come to realize the people who truly care about us and who truly love us. You are truly special to me, more than you ever will know. I am ever so happy to have been invited along on this journey and hope you know that allowing me to do so is a greater gift than anything imaginable. You've given immeasurable strength to draw on during my 6/10 - 9/10 days, I'll think of you and know that I too can get through it.

    So you've made it, kept up your humor! When you're ready, I am there to host your welcome home event - at my house so the everyone can come say hello! Just say when! Love you - lots of virtual hugs, soon some physical ones!!!

  4. So happy to hear about your white count! YAY!!!!! So happy!!!!

  5. WooHoo! I knew you would be strong and kick some ass and take names. I am so very thrilled at your wonderful progress, I knew you were a fighter!!!! *HUGS*