Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day + 8: Engraftment Waiting Game

It's Tuesday, my day +8. At this point we just wait for an increase in the white blood cell count.

Yesterday (day +7) was a strange day. Had another dizzy spell. Typically it's from low blood pressure and I get fluids. This time when they took my blood pressure it was really high (141/91). I'm a low blood pressure person on an average day (90/70) so that was a bit frightful for me. The doctor isn't concerned. My body has gone through a lot, so it could just be a stress reaction. I am keeping an eye on it.

Jodie arrived yesterday and stays until I'm discharged. She helped me organize the room and finish some laundry. She got to try chicken Pho for the first time last night, she loved it. It's one of  my favorite things in the world to eat. There is a great Pho place very close to the hospital.

Counts this morning:

Labs are typically pulled around 3am. That way the doctors can put in orders for the day: potassium,
blood, steroids etc. The team pulled labs again in the afternoon today (4:30) to see if there is any
nudge in the white blood cell count. It gives them a better idea of when I might be discharged.

Current count is TLTC (too low to count). We may see them jump to 0.1 or 0.3 and then up from there. It's all a waiting game at this point.

My worst symptom today is a skull ache....most likely bone pain. They keep offering me migraine
meds, but if this were a migraine, I wouldn't be able to tolerate the light from my window and I'm
enjoying that just fine.

A really exciting update is my symptom improvements:
-hand tremors: gone
-head tremor: very seldom
-nerve pain in right leg: gone
-pain at the bottom of my feet after walking laps: gone
-limp: gone
-fatigue- tbd. I expect post transplant fatigue for a few months post.

My happy face:

Chad says I look like an emperor

The biggest symptom that remains and is actually worse than when I came in, is the numbness is my feet and calves. However, this can actually be a sign of healing. Time will tell for now, but we decided not to do any IVIG while I'm here. When I get home I will keep in touch with the team at Northwestern as well as my transplant nurse assigned by my insurance. They are willing to order IVIG once I'm home if I feel like I need that final dose to help with healing.

Afternoon lab results: DRUM ROLL PLEASE

White cells jumped to 0.2!!!!

This is good news! I'm engrafting!! Once that number hits 1.0 I'm outta here!!!
Can you tell I am excited??


  1. I was day +9, I hope you are too! You are so dang cute! Love the pic!

  2. You look more like Cleopatra than an emperor. Lol. Oops........Cleopatra and CLEO.........too close for comfort?

    Wooooohooooo at blood count increase. Get in there stem cells and strut your stuff.

    You may have noticed on the page today that Patricia is booked for her evaluation on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of next month. It's all happening in HSCT World. Might have to change the name of our support group at this rate. :)

    Couple more laps to go beautiful and you're home!!!! The countdown is on.

    Gentle bear hugs and much love, as always. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. You have every right to be excited!!! Keep the humor up even when you are panting through the pain....that's what I do anyway!! Sounds like things are cooking, in a good way!! Love to hear that!! Not sure about the emperor thing, but if it keeps your head warm, whatever it takes. lol....very funny, see humor! Love to see your pretty smile and I know you probably don't feel like it. But know we love you and are all pulling for you!! Virtual hugs from me!!

  4. Woo hoo Stephy-poo! Get those white cell counts up and come HOME!!! Miss you, you Warrior princess. XOXO