Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day +2 : Nuetropenic

It's official, I am neutropenic today. Vitals every four hours to watch for fevers.

More precaution on the hall laps and bike rides, I now have the added mask. Started to feel tingling in my fingers, only in the morning though. My right foot is still pretty numb and I think my plantar faciitis is acting up so I will be doing some stretching today.

I start Neupogen shots in two days to boost my blood counts. So I have asked to start taking Claritin daily, as the antihistamine helps with bone pain. I got it in my jaw and skull during mobilization and it was not fun.

The nurse said this is technically when the "catchup" nauseau kicks we will keep an eye on it. I have tried to do without the one nausea med that causes headaches (zofran) except on the bad bouts. And have tolerated half size doses of Ativan as needed.

Today has been a day of fatigue. Two very long naps and very little energy to sit up when I'm awake. So we added some fluids and are going to cut back on a med see if it helps.

There may be less updates over the next few days if there isn't much to report. It's a lot like Groundhog Day...and I'm not complaining. My current status quo suits me just fine.

Anytime in the next 6-9 days I can be discharged. Longer if my counts don't boost as they should. But I have a flight booked for the 15th home, so I'm crossing appendages, eyes etc.



  1. Dukey!!!!!! I miss our FaceTime chats. No, really, I really, really miss our face time chats. Lol.

    You're doing beautifully Hun. Slow and steady wins this race darlin.

    Gentle hugs, much love

  2. Stephy-poo. Love the updates. Thank you for sharing your tough journey. As always, we are here for you however/whenever you need anything!! Hang in there - thinking of your every day!! Look forward to your return to CA. XOXO

  3. I just realized none of my posts have posted?... Anyhow, We all miss you in class, everyone is asking about how you are doing! ….And PS Neupogen has worked really good for my sister, the needle is super skinny and short and its over in seconds. She asked for Lidocaine because she is squeamish with needles and applies the cream an hour before her shot (fatty tissue of stomach is where we do her shots) Anyhow, its an option to ask for if you think you want it. Miss you, big hug XOXO

  4. You look like a surgeon in that getup! If it wasn't for the flip-flops you could sneak in on a surgery or two although you are having enough trouble with a squeamish tummy. Can you imagine? The doctors would be, umm, who's this chick on the floor with the flip flops? Hahaha........I am cracking myself up.

    The countdown has begun, the best one of all.....Can't wait to know you're home and the healing, resting, nesting time has begun. What will you do without that daily soup??

    Virtual hugs! xxooxx!