Monday, August 17, 2015

Day +14: Ultrasounds and fevers

I mentioned earlier in the blog that the arm that had the original PICC line was swollen and causing me some pain after the PICC came out. It hasn't gotten any better since it started roughly nine days ago. At the encourgement of a friend called my doctor who squeezed me in today to schedule an ultrasound of the arm.

Turns out the is a superficial clot right where the swelling is. They explained that superficial clots don't go anywhere and don't become the more dangerous DVT type clots. Over time the body will break it down. My doctor talked to my NP in Chicago and she didn't see a need to treat it. I had labs drawn today so if my platelets are high enough my primary said she might recommend baby aspirin just to help the process of breaking it down.

I also discovered while I was there that I had a fever of 99.6. I had just taken my temperature before we left and didn't have a fever. It's good to know so that I can stay on top of it.

My doctor is also putting in a referral for a home care nurse to come by perhaps once or twice a week to check on me. I like this idea a lot. After my brother leaves this week I don't have round the clock daytime help lined up.

Between 7am labs and the three hour doctors appointment/ultrasound appointment it definitely time for a nap.

I'm grateful that I got an answer to my pain, that it's not a dangerous diagnosis and that my primary doctor is so willing to be on top of anything I need.

Here's a little something to brighten your day......everyone loves a cute puppy. So here is a picture of a random adorable French bulldog. :)

Until next time!


  1. I am so happy that you have such an awesome medical team! That makes such a big difference! Naps are good!!!

  2. So glad you are back at home! It's all about the recovery now. After this, you're going to know there is nothing that you can't do! You have made us all proud with your strength and humor during a difficult journey. Love you!

  3. I'm glad you're home and they found out what was causing the pain in your arm. You're a trooper, for sure. Thanks for the pup pic. I love Frenchies.:)

  4. I know that you're not thinking of work! But I have to tell you, that the people at work are thinking of you! All the best. Tracy

  5. You might have some ups and downs, but it seems that everything stats to normalize...
    You are such a HUGE inspiration to your family and all your friends who know you and love you!!!!

    Nice to know you have a nurse to call anytime!