Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 0: Got my stemmies back

The day started quiet and mild. A little extra time to sleep a shower unattached from IV. Dr. Burt and team poked their heads in and said "stemmies at 10" and briskly left.

Nick got me a corn muffin. There is a phenomenon for some where we taste creamed corn when they infuse them back. I liked his idea to stick with the corn theme.

At 10am the stem cell team, chaplain and Allison came in to start the proceedings. My stem cells were removed from freezing, and placed in a bath at human temperature to thaw within minutes. The chaplain prayed for me, my Brother all the friends and family that supported me and finally the stem cells that they bring healing.

They infused within 20 minutes with no incident. I was overcome with fatigue and took a nice long nap. Managed to walk some laps on the floor with a walker later in the day. Trying to work on strengthening my legs.

But in the late afternoon after dinner I was overcome with not feeling well, and under the weather feeling I couldn't shake. They gave me nauseau and headache meds, and Nick brought the saltines and ginger ale.

Will do my best to ride this out and get some sleep tonight, trying to distract myself with a good Avengers movie. I'm a fan of the Marvel comic characters, what can I say.

Goodnight for now.

Happy birthday immune system. ....go kick some CIDP ass. I will tolerate the physical implications while you make us well.


    You've made it to the stadium!
    I can hear the crowd roaring, I can see the people getting up out of their seats. You're on the final laps of the race of a lifetime. We'll be there waiting for you.
    Gentle hugs, much love, as always.

  2. Way to go...STAMINA. See your nickname fits well in your current sitch. I think that should be a NEW Marvel comic character! Hope you feel better tomorrow. Thinking of you every day!! XOXOXO

  3. Yeah stemmies! Welcome back to your rightful home! May they bring peace to your body who welcomes them with open arms and says "Welcome back my little friends!" Hang in there...ALMOST DONE!!! I am so excited for you as the finish line is in sight! Many virtual hugs girlfriend!