Monday, September 7, 2015

Day +35: Improvement Adjacent & Joyful Spirits

These last two days have really been a positive change. Sunday I noticed decreased nerve pain in my feet and legs, resulting in far more productivity from me. I was able to walk my 1.1 mile lap without the cane (thanks to the company of Chad) and brisker than normal. It really lifted my spirits.....tenfold.

Monday (Happy Labor Day btw) was much the same, less pain. Pops took me to draw labs this morning and we even made a pit stop for some dog supplies. Fun Daddy and me day, even if it was brief. I was able to work on a couple other projects around the house. I'm looking forward to walking another mile tonight (legs willing) once it cools down (its 99F today!).
Healthy Nerve Myelin (green)
I visualize this at night to help them

I didn't realize how much immobility impacted my spirit. I know from my transplant mentors that patience is critical, but it's much harder than I thought. I continue to do my stretching and physical therapy daily, in addition to eating well and ensuring that I am getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals to aid in healing.

My Celiac friendly cereal. Yes that is what it's called.

I'm joyful and hopeful that this week will be productive and full of healing. Perhaps there is something to having my sweet Duke back.....maybe my soul needed it. He is just as spoiled as ever but seems to be happy to have me home.


My Secret Santa is out there somewhere. When I was in Prentice Hospital, someone had ordered a Phil's Friends care package be delivered to me. If you aren't familiar with this organization, here is their website.

Whoever you are: THANK YOU. I wept when I got it. This is the most thoughtful organization for people being treated for cancer or inpatient having Chemo. I am now a lifelong supporter. If you are looking for a cancer foundation to support, I recommend this one. Their services directly impacts and benefits patients (via a care package and visit from two volunteers) and it makes their day. I had a hand crocheted blanket and skull cap in my package, and still receive "get well" cards (from kids) that are hand drawn. Are you kidding? My heart swells.

The eyebrows are slowly thinning day by day. Really wishing I had bought an eyebrow pencil during my Target adventure on Saturday. Hoping that they and the eyelashes hang on for the ride. My scalp has been really itchy and I noticed some very fine fuzz yesterday. No idea what it is, as I don't expect the hair to come back until sometime early to mid October. 

How I look

How I wish I looked
(Always thought Sinead was pretty)

The good news: the common response from those that I have been brave enough to show my noggin to has been : "wow you have a nice head/skull" or "OMG you look just like your brother James" there's that. I'll take both as a compliment :) Amy and I often exchange Sinead O'Connor lyrics via text and I crack up.

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend with family and friends or just relaxing. Thanks for all the texts, emails, cards, errand running, calls. It really does make the time pass and keep me from my personal pity parties on hard days. Its  so important to have a support system and a lot of love behind you.

I enjoy paying it forward and providing support to those who have none at home via my support group pages online. These groups saved my soul when I was trying to sort things out pre and post diagnosis. It is also what led me to learn about this treatment. I still get support in my post-transplant group which really helps one learn what is normal and what to expect.

Signing off for the night. One challenge that remains pretty severe is typing, due to numbness and weakness in my right hand....and said hand is going on strike as we speak. So much for typing 90 wpm these days.

Mad Love,

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  1. So you learn to type with one hand, big deal! Lol! So in the cartoon character photo, are the one with the skull cap on or off? Sorry, couldn't resist.....

    Having your pet does wonders for your soul, isn't it amazing? He is probably just as happy to home with mama too.

    I am soooo happy to hear about the progress!! Yeah!! It just means that things are working as they should and that its awesome. While the rest of us don't care about your eyebrows, I can bring one by tonight if you'd like just text me what color. It will give me an excuse to come see you.

    Your last picture has always been my motto throughout my own ordeal, I'm glad to see that you have it in yours because it is an amazing motto to live by. Another book that I read or if you feel like it, you can pull it up on youtube, is the Last Lecture. It is an amazing speech by a professor who has pancreatic cancer and this was his last lecture at the university before he left for medical leave. Students were obviously expecting the usual speech but this was an incredible talk on life. I used it as a reference the whole first year after my accident. I found it inspiring and if this man faced with what he had could be so positive and generous, well, then there was no reason I couldn't be too.

    Anyway, would love to come by when you're up to it.......virtual hugs xxooxx!!