Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Day +272: It's my 9 month birFday!!!

What a great few weeks its been. My beloved pooch turned 5 years old April 12th. My physical body turned 40 on April 18th. My immune system turned 9 months old today, May 3rd.

Duke has been enjoying day camp, a couple days a week. They take such great shots of him. He cant wait to get out of the car when we arrive, and passes out in the car on the way home.

It feels good to use the brain again! I continue to plug along at work. I really like my job and my new projects. They continue to be understanding about my work restrictions. I repay the favor by being my typical workhorse self.  I've been "promoted" by the docs to three days a week in the office and two days at home. It's been great reconnecting with my colleagues.

We had our annual Senior Leadership meeting and I got to catch up with colleagues that came from across the country. I also got to enjoy this beautiful view. Not complaining,
Alcatraz, Coit Tower and the bay

We are having some fun at the office taking silly pictures of me with headbands and watching my hair grow. Its coming in, although it feels slow....but length is there! I've come a long way - baldy picture alert!

twins much? the baby bro
week of Aug 15

My AZ girl - Angie (March)

I started attending a spin class once a week. I am going to try a second day this week. I attempted a
half spin/half weight class and strained a shoulder muscle, so that may need to wait. My average step count on my fit bit is slowing rising, which shows that my stamina is increasing. I still attempt to swim, but the pool has been a bit crowded for my taste. 5 people and 4 lanes is too much for me.

I am convinced that my homeopathic treatment (MacaRoot) is to thank. Its easier to be motivated to workout hard when you aren't having a hot flashes and sweat fits throughout the day. This is also helping me sleep through the night FINALLY. I had forgotten what it felt like to be well rested.

My girlfriends threw me a dinner party for my birthday. It was quite fun! A great way to celebrate and be thankful for another year enjoying life and laughing my way through it. Thanks to my friends for planning and spending the evening with me. I had a lot of laughs!

40 flowers from my roomie

Friends for a LONG time

candy cigarette

mi amor

Birthday Trip
The beau took me to Cambria, CA to celebrate the big four-oh. It is a coastal town (known for its proximity to Hearst Castle). We ended up there last minute after weather reports showed that Mendocino was rained in. What an incredibly beautiful area. We met a  local artist: Rick of Rick Gallery has some great work, the owner of Black Hand winery (we got some bottles), and we visited the 300 yr old Oak in the open space that the city acquired. We even attended a wildflower exhibit, where volunteers collected hundreds of local wild flowers and plants (some poisonous). We learned where they grow and if they are edible or medicinal.

Morro Bay

PT/OT are reduced to once a month. I am beginning a PT swim program that has a treadmill in a pool. I am still having issues with my gait, so hopefully gravity free walking will help me lose the limp.

Still have the upper GI issue unfortunately. It has been four months since my last attack, so my hope was that it was settled. But the weekend brought another attack, so we just wait for the day it never returns. The doctors don't have many options. I keep my medication on me 24/7 so I have it when I need it.

Otherwise all healing is slow but steady. I'm pleased. Still impatient, but pleased!

Follow Ups
Chicago called and scheduled my one year follow up this fall. Looking forward to the report.

Then I'm off to the International GBS/CIDP Symposium to hear Dr. Burt spread the word!!! Proud of our foundation for recognizing a non-pill form alternative for auto immune issues. Take that Bayer!

He just finished speaking at the Vatican spreading the same word. Its a BIG deal.

Lots to be grateful for!!!!


  1. And what a great way to celebrate. Fantastic update gorgeous girl. Love ya to the moon and back.

    CLEO says hello. :)

  2. Great update ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ya girl.
    Fantastic birthday bash!

  3. Love your updates, they help to keep me motivated to. I miss your humor the most of all from when we worked together. I am looking forward this alignment thing, hopefully we will get to work together, wouldn't that be rad?

    I am so sorry I missed your birthday party, this freaking disease I have makes it hard to do anything plus all the drama with my dad. I owe you a pho lunch or dinner to make up for it.

    Love you to pieces and totally miss you. Glad you are doing great!! Lots of virtual hugs and kisses going your way........

  4. Great update my friend. I think you look super cute with short hair!
    Missing you. ��