Monday, October 19, 2015

Day +77: Status Quo & Hand Puddy

Days home: 66

The changes week to week aren't as significant as they were in the beginning.The blog updates may spread out to every two or three weeks. I think there is a way to "follow" the blog so you get emailed when there are changes, but I'm not sure how.

Last week was excited because I started OT. My therapist confirmed I have 50% the strength, speed and use of my right hand compared to normal. My left hand is mildly impaired, but is closer to 85-90% of normal.  I got green hand Puddy!!! Lots of exercises for my hands. Looking forward to seeing changes. Although he does think the majority of this is nerve damage, and will just take time. But our main goal is to get me holding a pen, writing and typing closer to normal.

I have gotten more "steps" in on a daily basis - since last Thursday -  than the entire time I have been home. I count my bike riding in there as well (strap it to my shoe). It shows an increase in stamina overall.  I still nap daily. And today, I think as a result of said steps, I have an abundance of pain in my legs. An evening stroll nets 1.1 miles and about 3,000 this view.....

The beau took me on a drive to Half Moon Bay Saturday and we decided to stop by the Art & Pumpkin Festival. Free admission and handicapped parking! It's fairly open and not so crowded (compared to some of our local art/wine festivals), so it was easy to stay away from dense crowds. We were only there a couple hours so between grabbing lunch and peeking at the art booths, it wasn't overly taxing. There were areas to sit and listen to one of several musicians so plenty of places to rest as well. The sunset on the way home was beautiful.

I'm becoming a crock pot pro. I have made some extraordinary meals in my crock pot.....and it's now and addiction. Dinner made easy!!! Lol. Here is one of my faves.

I added baby bok choy and a ton of spices. When served put grated cheese and avocado on top. Yum!

There has been a lot of positive feedback about my last post on depression. Just as a disclaimer, for those that I worried, I am not in a deep depression. In the 77 days, maybe 7 of them have been "blue". It was something that I wanted to address for those in my support groups, as well as for my friends to
be aware of. Having the support system I have, it's hard to stay down for long. I  have some awesome mentors who I can reach out to, they have been through transplant, and can snap me out of a pity party in a hot minute. It's  good to discuss as I think it's not acceptable for depression to ever be a taboo topic.

I'm glad to get on with outpatient therapy. It wipes me out because its hard, but I love it. I expect that 2x a week I will come home to a 3 hour nap.

Overall things are improving. It may be very slow, but i can tell an obvious change from 30 days ago.
Things you shouldn't take for granted if you are able bodied and these are simple tasks:

  • Taking a fork/spoon out of the utensil drawer
  • Un-twisting that twist tie that comes on just about everything
  • Opening a water bottle or soup stock with the round twist off top
  • Opening a car door with a pull up/out handle
  • Opening a house door (first with the key and then pressing down the leer)
  • Zippers, bottons or hooks....of any kind!
  • holding a coffee/tea cup from the handle
  • carrying anything, no matter how light, with one hand
  • pulling up the sheets when you get chilly
  • putting on or taking off socks
  • tying your shoes
These are struggles for me. Sometimes I'm so weak I have to wait until someone gets home. Sometimes i find the pliers that help. It's humbling reverting back to the skills of a 5 year old. So my friends....enjoy these simple mundane tasks. You have no idea how you will miss them when you can't.

have a great week!


  1. That is the best list! I couldn't think of anything to add, except maybe folding towels. Glad to see the progress!!! Love ya!! Virtual hugs! xxooxx